Zbrush 2021 New features Part 2 Micro poly and nanomesh edit


By Lukas Kutschera

In this video, I cover two more new features of Zbrush 2021: The new ‘nanomesh edit’ function and ‘micro-poly’, which is similar to nanomesh but has some more options to offer. I briefly talk about Zbrush 2021’s new Dynamics system, which actually works with Micro poly enabled, allowing to visualize different kinds of weaves, fabrics, or other tileable meshes, while doing clothing simulations.


0:00 Intro

0:32 nanomesh
2:22 Micromesh

6:28 creating custom Micro mesh patterns

9:50 Dynamics settings

13:00 working on the cloth

16:33 Applying micro-poly to finished cloth

‘Nanomesh edit’ allows us to edit our Nanomesh mesh in a split-screen mode while seeing the change happening live on one side. Make sure the polycount for your nanomesh is reasonably low, depending on how many faces you insert your nanomesh.

 Micro poly is an addition to the dynamic Subdivision tab, which gives your model ‘fake subdivisions’, allowing you a smoothed (if enabled)/subdivided preview on the canvas without taking up the computing power like real subdivision geometry. Micromesh will take your smoothed subdivision level into account, resulting in very dense meshes if you crank it up too much.

Alt-clicking a micro-poly pattern thumbnail will open the pattern in a different Ztool and lets you modify it.

Ctrl-clicking the pattern thumbnail lets you pick on of your ztools, which has a pattern you want to use.For your custom, micro-poly pattern make sure it is unified (has size 1,1,1). You can achieve that by going to the deformation tab and selecting ‘unify’.( For some reason you should perform this with only one axis selected at a time for it to work correctly.

Also, make sure your edges line up, so it is tileable and micro poly can wield it.To have a continuous mesh and the points wielded enable ‘Fill’ and ‘wield’. Having topology with evenly-sized quads is essential to get nice results, with few stretching.

Thanks for watching! I hope you found it helpful!You can find me on artstation: artstation.com/lukaskut