ZBrush Anatomy and Character Creation Course


By mojomojo design

ZBrush Anatomy complete guide to creating realistic Anatomy in ZBrush

TAKE THIS COURSE: https://bit.ly/2t61LnN

This ZBrush anatomy course will teach you the skills you need to create realistic characters in side ZBrush
Welcome to this Anatomy Course for ZBrush this comprehensive course will teach you the main anatomical points in order to improve your digital sculpting in ZBrush, We start gradually and will over the course of 2020 get more complex this enables you to grow and achieve results faster.

I have specially designed this course to get you where you need to be quicker and provide reference and assets throughout, remember also this is a growing evergreen course so new content will be added at no extra cost I also have a community page where help can be asked for, often I will do a video for you and critique work for problems.

I also show common beginner errors and we will extensively work on training your eye to work from reference images, even if your not into character design this course will make you a better artist, loads of next generation techniques as well as other artists approached are demonstrated in great detail.
TAKE THIS COURSE: https://bit.ly/2t61LnN

Lastly I am by no means the best Character designer but what I do have is over 30 years experience across many fields of 3D, this course is a way for me to share that information, if you like what you see buy the course, and if you already have my courses then you know how much time and energy I put into my students achieving