ZBrush Jewelry Making a Geometric Anticlastic Ring


By Kat Adair

This video shows how I create a geometric mesh ring in ZBrush. It is a full tutorial that’s appropriate for beginners but also people with some knowledge of ZBrush, and a preview for my upcoming ZBrush Course as I work out the animated graphics, keyboard shortcuts, and sound…subscribe at http://www.zbrushjewelry.com to be notified when it’s released.

Here is the link to my custom interface and detailed instructions about how to install it on your system. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kHPGqGPaWqL-T0dJsCyr4EoWoWBrh-4f?usp=sharing

If you are interested in trying out Keyshot, you’ll want to go through the Pixologic store to download both the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge and the Keyshot software demo, otherwise the prices you’ll find are in the thousands of dollars. As of July 2020, the bundle from Pixologic’s store is $349 to get photorealistic rendering, but I found Keyshot to be much easier than Blender. Also, the ZBrush to Keyshot bridge will work on two machines, but Keyshot’s license only covers one…I own a copy on my laptop, but on the computer I record videos I don’t have a separate license yet, and did this tutorial on the demo version. The Keyshot demo is only 14 days, and the ZBrush to Keyshot bridge should be the usual 45-day Pixologic trial. Here’s the link: https://store.pixologic.com/zbrush-plugins/single-user-license/

Also, a note about 3D printing this one…your slicing software *should* be able to handle the single Subtool mesh, but if it can’t make it “watertight,” I would recommend using the “Boolean Folder” technique of merging the rings with the anticlastic mesh. Select the mesh ring and click “New Folder” in the Subtool palette. Drag the double rings into the same folder. Make sure that transparency is turned OFF, then use the gear next to the folder to “Boolean Folder.” Select the new “UMesh” version of your ring, and close the folder by clicking on it. This ring should be fine when exported.

Anyway, enjoy, and stay safe, everyone!