Zbrush Keyshot Character Rendering Tutorial Alien Creature Design HD


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Zbrush & Keyshot Character Rendering Tutorial – Alien Creature Design HD

This Zbrush & Keyshot tutorial is a follow up to the Alien creature design, in which we created and alien creature sculpt in Zbrush.

This time we go real time to take a look at how we can export our sculpt from Zbrush into keyshot without using KeyshotBridge and still preserve the details, as well as polypainting information. We’ll discuss how to quickly generate a UV map with built in UV­master plugin and use it to project texture and normal maps. Once the Zbrush sculpt is imported into Keyshot, we’ll take a look at the Keyshot rendering workflow: how to save cameras and modify HDRI maps to suit our artistic lighting needs. This video also covers material tweaking and rendering passes for later use in compositing.

This tutorial was created exclusively for Edge-CGI by Eugene, feel free to check out his artstation to see more of his work!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial Stay tuned for more!

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