ZBrush Masters Hard Surface Modeling Marco Plouffe ZBrush 2020


By Pixologic ZBrush

9:50​ Introduction
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ZBrush Masters – Season 2
Hard Surface Modeling – Redemption From the 2019 ZBrush Summit

In this stream, Marco will cover 2 majors approaches for sculpting hard-surface models in ZBrush: The quick way and the clean way. Hard surface sculpting can be very time consuming so the focus will be on efficiency: when to use which approach and why (prioritizing the clean method for important areas, staying within a certain time limit, etc)
The quick method will practice your dexterity, how to build hard surface shapes by hand and will especially cover tools like:
– DynaMesh
– Polish/Smooth brushes
– Masks (how to be creative with them)
– Clip curves
– Planer and Trim brushes
– Alphas and IMMs
– Depth Masks
The clean method will train you technically and add you the arsenal:
– Zremesh with Keep Group option
– Panel Loops
– Dynamic Subdivs
– Creases
– ZModeler

0:00​ Start
9:50​ Introduction
22:05​ ZBrush Demo
26:16​ Hardsurface Brushes
55:27​ Edge Polishing in ZBrush
1:36:17​ Hard Surface Detailing
2:04:01​ ZModeler

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Season 2 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…​