Zbrush Mastery 09 Zbrush making first sculpt apple Zbrush tutorial for absolute beginners


By Arsenal 3D

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In this comprehensive course you will learn keys to speeding up your workflow within ZBrush (learning navigation & brushes along the way), founding principles of good Character Design, and every step to creating a finished appealing bust. Plus you’ll learn the theory that will help you think through you’re sculpts and take your models to the next level!

This course is targeted for those newer to ZBrush, but the techniques and principles learned can be applied to any level of an artist looking to deepen their understanding of Character Design & modeling.

ZBrush combines 3D modeling, texturing, and painting into one digital sculpting workflow. Take a tour of the features in ZBrush and see how to use them in real-world projects. Instructor Arsenal 3D shows how to create basics forms with meshes, sculpt details with brushes, paint and texture models, and render the results using professional-level project pipelines.

Topics include:
Using primitives
Working with subdivision levels
Sculpting with brushes
Applying materials
Creating and combining polygroups
Creating voxel models with Dynamesh
Editing a mesh with the ZModeler brush
Working with ZRemesher
Moving, scaling, and rotating objects
Painting on a model
Using texture maps
Sculpting and painting a UV layout
Using split-screen mode and so much more

Music: www.bensound.com