Zbrush tutorial 2 ways to turn 2D alpha to 3D Model using masks with timestamp and subtitles


By 刘秋婷Michele

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00:00​ Intro
00:23​ How to prepare & export a good alpha
02:02​ How to autofit your canvas to your window & save it as default
02:43​ How to import your alpha image
02:45​ How to set up a 3D canvas to use alpha
02:48​ How to activate your image as alpha mask
03:39​ How to increase the geometry of your model for masks
04:06​ How to draw & sharpen your mask
04:18​ How to turn masks into polygroup
04:43​ How to smooth out jagged edges form extracted polygroup using GroupsLoops
05:33​ How to extrude flat image in a polygroup
06:42​ What does Extract under Subtool do to a mask
07:24​ Steps on how to use Extract
08:07​ Bonus method to use a mask with a brush