ZBrush VRCHAT Avatar and Prop Making Workflow


By animateclay

Marc goes over the basics of creating a sculpted ice cream cone in ZBrush for later import into Blender. The workflow can be used for avatar or prop making to use within VRChat or other social games such as Neos VR.

Marcs Sculpting Service Page
➤ https://animateclay.wixsite.com/sculp…​

2:32​ Sculpting your object or avatar
9:36​ Reducing your poly count with ZRemesher
16:23​ Reducing poly count with ZModeler tool
23:06​ UV unwrap testing and troubleshooting
25:55​ Fixing twisted meshes
30:25​ Creating UV Seams
35:36​ Polypainting Basics
39:07​ Editing mesh after UV’s and polypaint (bad idea)
43:22​ Crisp detail paint with high subdivision levels
45:25​ Texture map creation for editing in Photoshop
46:50​ Importing edited texture to apply to object in ZBrush
47:31​ Exporting your textured OBJ file for import into Blender
48:45​ Importing graphical textures
50:55​ Loading Spotlight for texturing
58:02​ Exporting graphical texture and OBJ for import into Blender
59:35​ Editing the .BMP texture file outside of ZBrush
103:10 Loading our object in Blender

Download the ZBrush file, OBJ and texture files here: