Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast Is Set To Modernize Maya’s Playblasting Process

Chris Zurbrigg’s upcoming advanced playblast tool offers a selection of FFmpeg and h264 formats, along with streamlined features for Maya.

Autodesk Maya is getting an upgrade with the new PlayBast workflow. Chris Zurbrigg, a member for Fcheck Team showed off how it works and what we can expect from this streamlined process in our next project!

Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast

PlayBlast is Zurbrigg’s latest advance in video production. It uses the industry standard FFmpeg and h264 video codec for when creating playblasts, but it offers some features that make your workflow easier than ever before! For example there’s an integrated shot mask overlay which allows you to add burn-ins quickly without having move any of the graphics around or use Photoshop like I used too on my last project (granted not everyone has access).

Advanced PlayBlast will offer a one-click workflow, with built in shot masking for all of your needs. The presets are visually stunning and customizable so you can express yourself creatively!
The new version has some really cool features like being able to update dynamic information on screen using macros while also displaying standard details such as whether there’s currentlyframe played or not, what scene name it’s within (and any relevant tags), etc.. All these functions come standard without any extra fees; they’re freebies just waiting patiently out their box at home under the tree ready gift wrap style surprise inside if this Wishlist item comes true before Xmas time arrives–or even sooner than expected!).